MeΦsto, the preamplifier

Line Reference

...I was really excited, because the control, the tone and the resolution of details have proved really excellent. A few pre and amps compare favorably inserted into the chain Yamamura in Salerno, very few ...”

Pierre Bolduc – Audiophilesound

The Pure Class A

Audio Amplifiers

HORN Pure Class A audio amplifiers

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Sintonie 2015, Lanciano (CH) ITALY

line pre HORN MeΦsto Reference

Amplifier HORN - A900EM

Digital source Playback Designs MPS-3 Cd Player/DAC

Loudspeaker Raidho X-1

Cables Faber Cables

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    Audiophilesound –Salerno, listening room, Pierre Bolduc, loudspeakers Yamamura, booking tel.+39.349.4407786

    HORN – listening booking tel. +39 349 4407786

    FilconAudioCastana (PV), Oltrepò Pavese Italy– listening booking tel. +39 392 6376869

    H&S Solutions - Via Kerbeker, 90/92 Naples listening booking tel +39 081 2209290

HORN Audio Amplifiers

supports MB Recording Studio


mono stage dual mono class A amplifier

...the detail of the arches is at a stratospheric level ... The colour of the sopranos' voices with the A100 surprised me: first by the absence of sibilanze and second because not tiring during the loudest passages ... there is an ease of issue reminiscent of the best of analog.

A great result that few but very few manage to achieve

Pierre Bolduc – Audiophilesound

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