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Line preamplifiers


    23/24 October 2014 – HORN audio and Faber Cables at 'Sintonie hifi Partnership: DNAUDIO (Playback Design italian distributor).

    17/18 October 2014 – HORN audio at 'Sintonie hifi 2014'. Partnership: DNAUDIO (Playback Design italian distributor), DIESIS Audio and THE CABLE GC Audio.

    4/5 October 2013 - 5th AStri Day, Pescara. HORN A900EM and AStri Aries A5. link

    25 May 2013 – Pierre Bolduc & HORN Audio Amplifiers. link

    13 e 14 October 2012 – HORN Audio at 'Sintonie'. Newer HI-End line preamplifier MeΦsto. Fine audio mono stage dual mono pure class A amplifier A100, CD player MPS-5 PLAYBACK Designs, loudspeakers CESSARO,.room correction by AStri.

    15 e 16 October 2011 – HORN Audio at Sintonie 2011, overwiev Hi-End audio products. Pure class A monostage dual mono amplifier, loudspeaker Caput Mundi from Diesis Audio, CD player MPS-3 PLAYBACK Designs, line preamplifier Marsis F16 Reference.

    19/20 Febrary 2011 – Esperienze d'ascolto', Naples - HORN has the A100 single-stage amplifier driven by the line preamplifier Marsis F16 Reference in collaboration with the prestigious italian brand Astri with its loudspeakers AlbireoTower C2.2.

    17/18 December 2010 – HORN A100 demo, single-stage pure class A audio amplifier whit Pearl evolution loudspeakers Ballerina 401. Power conditioner Enermonico by Hyphen Italia.

    13/14 November 2010 – 'Percorsi Sonori, Terni', - HORN has the A900/40 pure class A amplifier driven by the line preamplifier Marsis F16 Reference in collaboration with CDSdesign Synthesis. Digital source STELLO CDA500, connections Neutral Cable.

    16/17 October 2010 – Marco Lincetto, sound engineer by 'Velut Luna' label, will make a demo in HORN suite. - Sintonie 2010

    16/17 October 2010 – HORN Audio Amplifiers and Giussani Research together for 'Sintonie' HORN A900 will drive GR Delta 4 R8/HD.

    27 January 2010 - LATIN Braidus, the latest album of the musician Andrea Braido, Marcus Miller and Bobby Sparks collaborator, was produced, using HORN Audio Amplifiers electronicsread

    10 July 2009 – Andrea Braido, Marcus Miller collaborator, becomes HORN Audio Amplifiers testimonial www.andreabraido.com

    29 November 2008 - Fds HiFi Awards 2008 for F1 line preamplifier and pura class A HORN A900.

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