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The sound of Pure Class A

Sinfonico Black is the immediate evolution of Sinfonico. Although circuitry identical which distinguishes Sinfonico, Sinfonico Black differs from Sinfonico for the absence of the volume control and to the front of black anodized aluminum. This power amplifier is a solution that gives value to the audio chain.

The warm sound, typical of the valves, and the high-speed solid-state components, combined with the compelling dynamics make this final device capable of providing that repeat emotions without ever tiring.

Sinfonico Black

ā€œ...Dynamics and speed are at the highest levels...

ā€œ..they rely to a greater extent the percussion
which become explosive, and string instruments,
which pinched creeps

    (Giovanni Aste - VideoHifi nĀ°25, hearing test)

Massive construction that does not feel in trouble when is grappling with the microdynamics too. Another feature of Sinfonico Black, inherited from Sinfonico, is the high ability to control the speakers used to reproduce the low frequencies.

Oversized heat sinks and high-quality components give to Sinfonico Black a superb final grade of reliability.