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The sound of Pure Class A

A100 is a Pure Class A dual mono audio amplifier, where the concept 'No masked sound', the only constraint HORN design philosophy, is a guarantee of a sonically sophisticated. Transparency, detail, smoothness and speed are the main features of this electronic, skills acquired through the circuit solutions adopted and the careful selection of components. There is not feedback and the only one MOSFET stage implemented (a feature demonstrated by the overall gain equal to 0 dB) has been optimized to show no hesitation in front of the most challenging interfaces.

A100 – One stage dual mono pure Class A amplifier

A100 comes standard with a power output equal to 10W/8 ohms per channel, but can be configured to deliver more power , according to user needs. Aesthetically essential and compact in size, the A100 features details that give it 'great strength and reliability', basic features to give many hours of listening pleasure.