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The sound of Pure Class A

A900 is a dual mono Pure Class A amplifier in Pure Class A. The design philosophy is fully HORN, as regards the conception of the power electronics used for the audio playback. The concept "No masked sound", which already features the 'Sinfonico' line amplifiers, was placed in the design phase as the only constraint. Thanks to this rigid imposition and adoption of solutions without any compromise we are witnessing an evolution of the predecessors of A900, giving this machine the features just to give you hours of listening pleasure.

    A900, A900EM

"... A fine machine, very controlled low frequencies,
to learn more about. "
(Andrea Della Sala – Fedeltà del suono, Nov. 2007, reports Sintonie 2007)

... The transients are net and lightning, the sound never mentions a paste ... the individual instruments are perfectly in focus ...
violas and violins are lucid, detailed, and when you need, a little bubbly ...

appreciated the rare delicacy make subtle gradations in dynamics with infinite nuances rather than broad steps ...
the A900 is fast, EXTREMELY dynamic and.
has a moving speech humanity ...
this ability to play 'strong', without a hint of distortion or hardening up to volume almost 'live' ...
delighted by the high frequencies and a perfect rhythm, I can say I achieved the state of grace, the illusion of the live event. "

(Paolo Fontana - Fedeltà del suono (n. 153), September 2008, Hi-End Magazine)

The circuit solutions used give warmth to the sound, speed and detail. The MOSFET output stage was designed and optimized to show no hesitation in front of the most difficult interfaces, transferring the power to the speakers from the large reservoir of energy made ​​available from the power supply. Aesthetically essential (settled concept for HORN), presents construction details that give it great strength and reliability. A900 comes in two power ratings: 40W +40 We 68W +68 W. Input vesions: unbalanced (A900), balanced (A900EM).

Sintonie 2007