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The sound of Pure Class A

Minimize the audio path and the number of stages used for the signal processing has always been the basis of the design philosophy HORN. From rigid constraints, looking at sound solutions that only exist in relation to theory, was born MeΦsto, the intransigence audio preamplifier that makes her unique connotation, highlighting its superlative nature. Fully balanced design, dual mono, single-stage, no capacitor in the audio signal path, low output impedance, selectable gain x4-x8-x6 through sections completely independent. Solid and hollow aluminium structure, where the electronics are housed.

    MeΦsto, the preamplifier

    The elegance and essence of sound - No music reminds the same

...I was really excited, because the control, the tone and the resolution of details have proved really excellent. A few pre and amps compare favorably inserted into the chain Yamamura in Salerno, very few ...

...I noticed a impressive detail for its naturalness...

...the correct timbre makes these musical instruments readily identifiable...

...the harmonics of the percussion instruments strokes will continue to be felt for a good half second after the opening shots ... a level of articulation that is perceived only rarely in the percussion instruments: a very convincing performance of a song very difficult to play (Ninth Symphony, 2nd movement - Gustav Mahler) ...

(Pierre Bolduc – Audiophilesound n°123 Marzo 2013)

MeΦsto has two balanced inputs and two unbalanced inputs, a balanced and an unbalanced output for each channel. The volume control, strictly independent for the two channels, is entrusted to rotary switches with low noise resistors, and 0.1% tolerance. As in the logic HORN all the components is selected and choice for applications that require high reliability coefficients.

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